• A Social Innovation Project


  • What We Do

    Employ the rewarding nature of coding to empower underprivileged and lost students who need a sense of achievement and a feeling of ambition.


    We want to create an environment for youths(aged 12-16) to be able to gain additional help in their studies through peer learning and an emphasis on hands-on learning.

    The A.C.E Methodology

    Academics: Provide additional help in their studies, through a focus on hands-on learning. We plan to create an app through which students will be able to play educational games in a simulation style.


    Confidence: Cater for our students with opportunities to gain and build self-confidence through interacting with their peers.


    Experiential: Allow the development and understanding of each students motivations to further develop their active-learning capabilities. Through the use of trips or “internships” at locations of their choice, we aims to provide our students with opportunities to discover their interest and to imbue a sense of purpose.

  • Who We Are

    A Group Of SUTD Students Who Want To Make A Change



    Anushka's passion for helping others stemmed from the simple pure joy of seeing that gleam of happiness in others. Happiness is her motto and happiness is her mission.



    Justin has always been awesome at everything he does. Except at writing his own bio. 



    Raph has always been motivated to seek knowledge and gain insights/experiences. He now inspires to have the opportunity to share his passion of learning.

  • Connect With Us

    Email us for inquires/questions!